What’s Next?! An Intensive Summer Fundraising Planning Circle

Session I: What’s the Story Now: How Do We Now Talk to Funders? - June 3, 2021
How has your story changed since the advent of COVID? How do you address these changes with your donors and talk about an uncertain future? Meet with grantmakers and local fundraising experts to hear their perspectives and to discuss your own.

Session II: Collaborating for Combined Success: How Do We Lift All Boats? - June 17, 2021
Collaboration is a favorite word in our sector, but how does it work well? Learn from local partners and changemakers in order to increase mission impact, reach new audiences, and grow funder support.

Session III: Diversity Equity and Inclusion: What Are Your Questions? - July 1, 2021
Join us for a roundtable exploration of how DEI concerns are being recognized and realized in regional organizations, and where to learn from others and share your own organization’s efforts.

Session IV: What Changes are on the Federal & State Horizon? How Will They Affect You? - July 15, 2021
COVID-focused changes and the new administration mean a lot to keep track of. Learn what to track and what to expect from policy and advocacy experts.

Session V: Changes in Work Environment Following COVID-19: What Changes, What Changes Back? - July 29, 2021
Will we ever go back into the office? Do we need to? Learn from experts on work-from home plans, and how Cleveland’s workplaces may be changing for good.