Mentorship Program

Benefits of Program

  • A personalized matching experience.
  • An opportunity to author an article for the AFPGC e-newsletter.
  • An exclusive meet & greet with AFPGC board members when offered
  • An opportunity to create a micro-learning video to be released on social media.
  • Spotlights on social media and recognition at AFPGC signature events.
  • Two (2) free educational classes and reduced rates for NPD (Mentee)
  • Starbucks gift cards for first meeting
  • Exclusive AFPGC networking events specific to mentors-mentees when offered

Program Expectations

  • Mentor and Mentee should meet consistently, at a minimum of once a month. This can include attending educational sessions together, phone, virtual or email communication, or grabbing coffee. This time should be agreed upon by both parties.
  • Mentor and Mentees must complete the 6-month check-in survey and the end of the program survey sent out by the mentorship committee.
  • Mentors and Mentees should try to attend at least two networking sessions during the year when offered and sponsored by the mentorship committee.
  • Mentors and Mentees should both be committed to working together and maintaining professional boundaries.

Presenting Sponsor of the Mentorship Program


Benefits for Mentee

  • Learn about fundraising from an experienced development professional
  • Gain an advocate for yourself and the support of an experienced professional
  • Develop an appreciation for the nuances and mechanics of fundraising
  • Gain an understanding of maneuvering complex situations in the workplace
  • Career coaching and professional guidance
  • Establish long-term strategic career goals
  • Career mapping to establish strategic career moves management
  • Increased self-confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills
  • Shared experiences with the mentor
  • Introductions to other development professionals
  • Advice about navigating workplace situations
  • Networking with other development professionals to learn about other areas of development and career opportunities
  • Exposure to different non-profit organizations and development functions

Mentee Eligibility

  • Current AFPGC Member
  • Has five or less years of experience in fundraising or job description containing at least 50% of duties dedicated to fundraising and development
  • Members who are changing their focus area of fundraising or are working in a new area
  • Members who want to move ahead in their careers and would like some help in strategizing and planning

Mentee Program Requirements

  • Meet with assigned mentor as mutually agreed upon
  • Commitment to participate for one year
  • Be mindful of mentor’s time and commitment (the mentoring relationship is not a substitute for a paid consultant)
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form upon completion of mentoring program

Apply to be a Mentee
Application Deadline is June 30


Benefits for Mentor

  • Rewarding to be a part of your mentee’s success and enhance the future of the profession
  • Opportunity to pay it forward by sharing your work experience and expertise
  • Teaching/learning experiences of being a mentor
  • A new challenge
  • Giving of yourself to the profession
  • Improve abilities to organize and present information
  • Raise the standards and expectations of the professional fundraiser
  • Receive 1 point per year in the service-learning category of the CFRE certification
  • Leadership and communication skill development
  • Exposure to new and different perspectives and expanding your personal network

Mentor Eligibility

  • Current AFPGC member
  • Has a minimum of four years of development experience; CFRE’s are encouraged to apply
  • Desire to give back to the sector

Mentor Program Requirements

  • Commitment to participate for one year
  • Meet with assigned mentee as mutually agreed upon
  • Assess mentee’s ability and help steer mentee in right direction
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form upon completion of mentoring program

Apply to be a Mentor
Application Deadline is June 30