One of the benefits of membership in the AFP Greater Cleveland Chapter is our mentoring program.  Members have the opportunity to sign up for a mentor for a one year relationship.  Mentoring sessions begin March 1st and September 1st each year. Mentors and mentees determine how often they would like to meet (a minimum of four meetings during the relationship is required) and topics for discussion.  The program has been a huge success with both mentors and mentees pleased with their new relationships.

The program is not intended to replace current educational opportunities or to serve as a substitute for professional consulting services.  However, it is an opportunity to develop a relationship with a more experienced professional in our chapter, learn from that person, ask questions, and get some guidance on your projects and career.

Applications are due by January 31, 2020.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Strengthen the skills of the mentee
  2. Support professional career development for all
  3. Help mentees learn the ropes faster to avoid setbacks/mistakes that come with inexperience
  4. Build a foundation of professional practice and ethical standards
  5. Build confidence and knowledge
  6. Foster collaboration between seasoned professionals and newcomers or others who desire a mentor who is at a more senior level.


  1. Members who have at least one and less than five years of experience in fundraising (not necessarily young professionals)
  2. Members who are changing their focus area of fundraising or are working in a new area (from annual fund to capital campaign or planned giving to major donors, or changing the type of organization they work for.)
  3. Members who want to move ahead in their careers and would like some help in strategizing and planning
  4. Members who want to become a CFRE/ACFRE

Requirements for All:

  1. All participants must complete and submit the appropriate (Mentee or Mentor) application form to the Chapter Administrator at
  2. Complete and submit an evaluation form upon completion of mentoring program

Requirements for Mentee:

  1. AFP member with a minimum of one year paid development experience
  2. Meet with assigned mentor as mutually agreed upon
  3. Commitment to participate for one year
  4. Be mindful of mentor’s time and commitment (the mentoring relationship is not a substitute for a paid consultant)
  5. Mentee Application Form

Requirements for Mentor:

  1. AFP member with minimum of five years of development experience; CFRE’s are encouraged to apply
  2. Commitment to participate for one year.
  3. Meet with assigned mentee as mutually agreed upon
  4. Assess mentee’s ability and help steer him/her in right direction
  5. Mentor Application Form

For further information, please contact Laurie Gettings, Chair, Mentoring Committee at or 401-743-1933.

(Presenting Partner for the Chapter's Mentoring Program)