Learn about why you should become a member

Membership has its privileges is a phrase that’s been used by all kinds of organizations—not-for-profit and for-profit alike—to get people to pay the cost of becoming a member of the particular organization. The essential message of this slogan is that you receive something of value in return for joining. The secondary message is that the value received equals or exceeds the investment. Sometimes, the value can be quantified, but in many cases, the value of membership is more subjective and harder to define.

The good news about AFP membership is that many benefits are both objective and easy to define. Here are just a few Member Benefits:

  • Discounts to members on a number of AFP Education Sessions and Webinars.
  • Exclusive access to the Member Gateway section at and many members-only goods and services (Career Planner, Discussion Groups, Chapter Resources, Member Resources, Bright Ideas, Member Publications, Price Advantages, Compensation and Benefits Report and more.)

For anyone involved in fundraising for nonprofit organizations (including executive directors, chief operating officers, volunteers and even clergy) AFP membership opens the door to a wealth of useful information via both formal and informal channels. The Greater Cleveland Chapter Members Directory itself is a member benefit and an invaluable tool for networking with colleagues in similar organizations, or who have similar responsibilities (special events, alumni relations, corporate/foundation/government support, etc). Involvement on any of the many committees is open to members, and an excellent way to network with colleagues and learn more about the profession and the community. To learn more about the committees and opportunities for involvement, check out our Get Involved page.

One Final Thought: Most people understandably invest in a membership to receive something of value in return. Whether you raise funds for a nonprofit organization as a paid staff member or as a volunteer, joining AFP is an investment in your career and the success of your organization. Some investments show an immediate return while others take longer. But with AFP membership, you’ll not only experience immediate benefits but also acquire skills, knowledge and insights about fundraising that will serve you the rest of your career. The saying is true – membership has its privileges.


AFP Membership is an Investment in Yourself.

For a list of membership categories visit AFP International.

Please contact the Vice President for Membership if you have any questions.