Annual Campaign – Raising More Money with Fewer Resources

This seminar will discuss how to create and implement an annual campaign at your nonprofit organization that effectively engages and involves volunteers. This strategy works well whether you have an organizational staff of none or 1000 and is referenced in the text, The Annual Campaign by Erik Joseph Daubert, MBA, ACFRE (Wiley, 2009).

Target Audience:

Everyone wanting to learn or review concepts about a volunteer driven annual support campaign. In my experience it is not years of service that determine a person’s appropriateness for a class; rather, it is their exposure to certain concepts, systems and processes. Those who will benefit most will be those who are interested in expanding their annual support campaigns to involve more people and raise more funds. The session is usually most appropriate for those with less experience than more, but quite often a good reminder or inspiration for those who have been in fundraising for a while and are in need of new ideas or motivation. With that said:

  • Entry Level
  • Mid-Level
  • Senior Level – particularly those who have not worked with volunteers on fundraising.
  • Some Advanced Level – particularly those who have not worked with volunteers on fundraising.


  • Why annual campaigns are important and the various roles they play in nonprofits
  • How to organize an annual support campaign with one or few designated staff
  • How to increase major gifts while increasing annual campaign volunteer recruitment
  • How to involve and engage staff, board, and major givers in the process.

About the Presenter:

Erik J. Daubert MBA, ACFRE speaks, teaches, and consults on a wide variety of financial development topics. With decades of nonprofit experience, Erik is regarded as a leader in the areas of financial development and nonprofit management and is consistently ranked as a top speaker, keynote presenter and teacher at local, national, and international conferences, seminars and symposiums. He has written several publications on fund raising including books and articles on topics ranging from annual to capital to endowment and grant getting. His latest book is entitled The Annual Campaign and is published through John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes