Great Gifts, Great Expectations: Major Gift Fundraising in the New Economy

Great Expectations is the story about the life of orphan Pip, from his early childhood until adulthood – and attempting to mature along the way. They were challenging times for Pip.Today, it might be said that most major gifts are orphans in search of a home – maturing along the way. And as they do, they prompt the charities to mature, they demand honesty, integrity and transparency and they insist on a home that is safe, that is secure, and one that has a future.What truly motivates donors to give? How do they really make decisions? And how can you find out? Tony Myers loves raising money. He’s being doing it for almost two decades. And he has conducted several studies on major donors for much of that time and he can’t wait to share with you the insights he’s gained from real life experiences with real live donors.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn what causes the heart to move, and how you can find out from your donors,
• Find out what influences the mind to decide and how to apply the influences with integrity and respect
• Make the connection between the heart, the soul, the mind and the gift, and
• Initiate the process with your favorite major donor or the one who will soon become your favorite
Target Audience:
This presentation is for those who want to do major gift fundraising, and those who want to do it better. It is geared for the professional with 3 to 7 years experience and for the volunteer leader who wants to gain insight into major donors and high net-worth individuals.

About the Presenter:
Tony Myers is internationally recognized for his expertise in major gift fundraising and major campaigns His clients range from some of the highest profile organizations internationally to some of the smallest and most relevant locally.Tony has provided leadership in developing and executing numerous successful fundraising campaigns by connecting organizational effectiveness, governance, infrastructure and planning to concrete results.Tony is an author, speaker, consultant and a self-professed student of major donor fundraising. He has spoken and made presentations on philanthropy, development and fundraising on four continents. He is sought after as a speaker because he brings a passion and commitment to his work in the support of philanthropy in world wide.
Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes