Is Your Organization Sustainable?

Do you ever wonder… Is your organization sustainable? Or is it slowly going out of business…


Going out of business is mostly a slow thing. You don’t notice. But suddenly you wake up one morning and …oops. That’s what this new webinar tries to help you do. It’s time to notice! Too many nonprofits seem too fragile. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe some of these organizations aren’t sustainable and don’t matter enough to be sustainable. On the other hand…If you think your organization should continue to serve, then let’s talk about sustainability. What are the most critical components of sustainability? Definitely not just money, but yes, money. Certainly people and systems and processes. Asking cagerattling questions regularly and engaging in meaningful conversations. Following research and applying it. And more. So let’s talk about what it means to be sustainable, figure out how to increase sustainability, and avoid waking up one morning with an oops.

Target Audience:  General

About the Presenter:

Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Joyaux Associates – Described as “one of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders in the philanthropic sector,” Simone consults in fundraising, strategic planning, and governance. She works with all types and sizes of nonprofits, speaks at conferences worldwide, and teaches in the graduate program for philanthropy at Saint Mary’s University, MN. Simone has written three books and contributed to several others. She blogs weekly as Simone Uncensored and writes a monthly e-news. As a volunteer, Simone regularly serves on boards and has founded two organizations. Currently she chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University in the U.K., and the Board of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.